April 12th Seal Hunt resumes in Newfoundland

I have been heart sick and busy working to prevent the Harp Seal Harvest and so have not written here for a while
The first part of the hunt has been carried out. The second larger hunt will start on April 12th.

These two news sources are from April 4th.
The following articles give a pretty balanced account of the seal "harvests" history and latest news:

Please help stop the "harvest" of 300,000 harp seal pups. Here are some things you can do:
Support the Humane society

Put pressure on the Canadian Government by writing the Bureau of Tourism. Ask how they can possibly promote "ecotourism" (whale watching etc.) while hundreds of thousands of pups are being killed.

The Bureau invites you to contact them please do.

Also Prime Minister Paul Martin has the personal authority to end the seal hunt.
His email address is:

Apparently the price for seal pelts has gone way up since people in Norway, China and Russia consider their fur to be fashionable again. If you have any contact with the "fashion" world could you make your opinions known?