9/18/86 Second Meeting with Fissure (#2, link)

Fissure03 9/18/86
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Two weeks passed before we met Fissure again. This time the sea was choppier than our previous meeting, making it harder to keep track of what was happening. Even so we were able to find two whales blowing about 1/2 mile from each other. It appeared they were diving and coming up at about the same times.

It was hard to chose which to focus on, but when we came to the closest, we recognized it was a well known adult female named Olympia. When she dove we went to the other and sure enough it was Fissure. While watching Fissure, Olympia came over to join him (and us), the two dove in unison, came up close together and circled the boat.

Fissure's dorsal is the closest, Olympia is behind him.