8/31/86 Fissure17 (page #7)

Fissure17 8/31/86
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Next Fissure spread out his flipper skulling a little then lying there like a bird soaring. The flipper glowed a beautiful greenish white beneath the surface.

Humpback whales are called Megaptera novaeangliae in latin which means big winged New Englander. With his wings spread he looked huge and we had to keep reminding ourselves that, being only two years old, he was still a "small" whale.

It had been a 3 hour encounter and we were already late to get home on time. No one wanted to leave including Fissure. But, when he turned away, the captain felt it was safe to put the engine in gear and back slowly away. It was a very animated group on the two hour trip home, comparing remembrances and excitement