1986 First Meeting with Talon 7/9/1986 #3

1986 7-9 Talon26

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For the first 5 minutes or so, Talon lay under and perpendicular to the boat, "resting" quietly her blowhole visible just below the surface on the starboard side and her dorsal and flukes stretched out on the port side! The boat is probably 20' across. Her tail began to sway back and forth and we could see her flesh jiggle when we ran across to look at her big face..... was she using the boat to scratch her back? Would she lift us out of the water??? Nah ... actually we didn't feel the boat jiggle.... she was big but we were bigger and a lot heavier.

At one point she rolled slightly sideways looking straight up at us through the water. We could clearly see her eye and the protruberance that it rests in and is protected by. To be looked in the eye by a whale with curiosity, humor even... well it makes you realize how overused the word awesome is.