1986 First Meeting with Talon 7/9/86 #5

1986 7-9 Talon29

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Talon is facing us her blowhole is closed (in a relaxed mode the nostrils are closed they must be pulled open). When she "blew" it was a pretty moist intense experience!

Meanwhile the shy whale spent most of its time below the surface and behind Talon. At one point it seemed to gain some courage and we could see it dive under

Talon and move in close to us "standing" upright about ten feet beneath the surface, it seemed to be looking up at us through the water. Then it swung itself to a horizontal position, and turned sweeping back under Talon. It did all this maneuvering in tight quarters without so much as brushing Talon. When it came to the surface to blow, Talon between us again.