1986 First Meeting with Talon 7/9/86 #2

1986 7-9 Talon 22

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As soon as we got close the one with the white mark on its dorsal came right over to us and rolled over onto its back leisurely flapping its flippers in the air and letting it fall with a splap!

I still did not know anything about Talon so my notes describe her as large, comfortable with the boat and having some weird white marks on her dorsal. I described her companion as smaller, perhaps a teenager, with a rounded stumpy dorsal and who was less willing to come close to the boat.

Talon immediately started using us for entertainment... I don't know how else to describe it. Like Fissure, Talon seemed eager to engage us, staying very close to us for over an hour (when WE finally had to leave). The second whale was equally interested but would usually keep its distance, and made sure Talon was always between us.