1987 9/12 Fissure Second sighting #1

87 9-12 Fissure 500
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It was what we call a "lumpy" day. The wind had blown pretty hard the two days previous and there were 3-4 foot swells. People had not enjoyed the ride out and we had to travel for over an hour to get to Jeffrey's Ledge.

Once we got there it was hard work staying with whales even though we knew there were several around: they rarely fluked, the white mist usually was very visible when they exhaled (the "blow" of "thar she blows") was getting knocked down by the wind.

We were just about to give up and go home when.... up popped Fissure in his usual manner, right beside the boat. Our friendly competitor joined us and Fissure settled in to his antics between the two boats.