BEGINNING OF THE 1987 SEASON: 6/16/1987 Nurse and FiveJ

1987 6-16 nurse-5j copy

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We were ready by the time the 1987 season rolled around! ... but the weather was not. We made one trip in May and saw Dolphins and a Minke whale, but it was a teaser; it blew and rained so hard we couldn't go again for another two weeks.

Finally on June 16th it cleared, the seas were still a little "lumpy" but we were eager to go. And we were lucky to encounter two humpback whales soon after we got to Jeffrey's Ledge. For the hour we were with them, they travelled together. They dove and came up in sync always side-by-side.

When I got home I was able to find them in the catalogue. They were two adult females: one Nurse who was first seen in 1979 and the other FiveJ first seen in 1983. Both had had calves, (as a matter of fact I had seen FiveJ with her calf the year before). This must have been a year off for them. It was interesting seeing them together.