1987 9/12 Fissure Second sighting #3

87 9-12 Fissure01 500

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I worried that he was sandwiched to closely between boats. But reading through my notes it is clear he had no problems navigating that small space. He went through a whole range of behaviors each one more outrageous than the one before. He did a somersault just below the surface (that's what I say in my notes wish I had pictures or could remember it)!

But I do remember he "stood" on his head, flukes above the water, using his 15 foot flippers to spin slowly around. They glowed green in the depths and were like wings as they made the leisurely gesture that spun him. I was too flabbergasted to take pictures of that, but can still "see" it.

Each time he would come up and look at us intently for a minute before he dove again . It seemed like he was both absorbing our excitement and planning what to do next.

It reminded me of the time he had blown the bubble clouds for us the previous summer.